All of our fleeces are processed individually so you can trace exactly which sheep kindly provided it for you. Each listing shows a picture of the sheep. This one is from Dillon whos fleece produces a beautiful fawn tweed effect.
Please read the full product description below.
Product: 100% North Ronaldsay Rare Breed Wool Carded Batt
Colour: Fawn tweed effect
Weight: Available in 50g increments
Staple length: Dual coated 3-5 inches not separated
Suggested use: Spins perfectly as woollen for a soft, lofty yarn or short forward type draw (not technically Worsted as it is not combed) for a more robust yarn. Also felts incredibly well either wet or dry.
Washing Instructions: Hand wash using a suitable wool safe detergent and dry flat.
Description: All of our fibres are prepared here on the farm in individual fleece batches to preserve the unique identity of each one. North Ronaldsay wool has not undergone any changes over thousands of years therefore you are purchasing a very traditional product which I find enchanting. The wool is dual coated and both layers are carded together to produce a batt containing all the characteristics of this incredible wool. It is not usually itchy and if spun woollen then it really does retain the soft nature of the fibre.
The wool is washed but still retains a little lanolin which I believe enhances the spinning process. The lanolin will be completely removed when you wash your skein to set the twist. Be assured that no chemicals are used on our fleeces at any stage of growth.
The wool is picked and then carded on our very own design drum carder to produce soft, lofty batts. You will also receive a small amount of washed wool to show the general properties of the original wool and a photo of your chosen sheep!
By purchasing this wool you are helping to preserve this ancient breed of sheep. I do hope that you enjoy your wool.

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County: Norfolk