About RBST

Our Aim:

Securing the future of our rare and native breeds of farm livestock.

How we do it: 

RBST Monitors rare and native farm breeds:

We monitor the number of rare and native breeds. Every year we collect data from breed societies and use the number of animals registered in a year to estimate the total number of breeding females. From this we produce our annual Watchlist.

We monitor threats to breeds. Other factors can threaten our breeds such as inbreeding and geographical concentration. We monitor and try to reduce these. 

RBST Saves rare and native farm breeds:

We save genetics in our Gene BankWe collect genetics from animals, usually semen from males but also embryos. This is our insurance policy. If a breed were to become extinct, we can use this store to revive a breed.

We save animals. In emergencies, RBST will buy genetically important stock and place it in approved breeding centres.

RBST Promotes rare and native farm breeds:

We promote the breeding and registration of rare and native breeds. Together our staff, members and support groups provide a network of knowledge to support and encourage breeders.

We promote the use of rare and native breeds for FoodFibre and Conservation Grazing

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