Tamworth in the Snow


There are 10 breeds of turkey native to the UK and worryingly, all 10 are classed as ‘priority’

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Golden Guernsey (Church Farm)

Golden Guernsey 

There are two breeds of goat listed on the RBST Watchlist; the Bagot and Golden Guernsey. Over the years, our work has focused on sheep, cattle, pigs and equines. So in 2016, we are aiming to raise money to fund collections of genetic material for our National Gene Bank to help safeguard these two important breeds from the threat of extinction.

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Oxford Sandy & Black piglet face


Following the publication of the 2015 Watchlist showing all the UK's native pig breeds in decline, RBST aim to collect semen from at least 5 boars in 2015, to help fill our Gene Bank, safeguarding the future of the breeds. 

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Exmoor Ponies GAP

Since the economic crash in 2008, there has been sustained falls in registrations for every breed of equine on the RBST Watchlist. And unfortunately this year’s Watchlist has shown a continuation of this trend.

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