Lincoln Red (Original Population)

Lincoln Reds at trough

Key Characteristics

Animals are long-lived, fertile and maternal. The breed produces good suckler cows that can produce calves at up to 14 years old. The breed was originally classified as dual purpose and milk yields of 3600 litres per lactation have been recorded - this makes the breed a very milky suckler cow. Animals are docile, polled and easily managed. They are also hardy and suited to out wintering.


  • RBST recognises the original or non-imported bloodlines of Lincoln Reds.
  • The Lincoln Red was originally known as the Lincolnshire Red Shorthorn and in the 1940s was known as a dual purpose breed.
  • In time the “Shorthorn” was dropped from the name and it became a specialist beef breed.
  • There has been some crossing with continental breeds to improve conformation and beef production and the native Lincoln Red has become endangered.


  • Lincoln Reds are full bodied animals.
  • They are a large breed. Cows usually weight around 700-750kg and bulls 1000-1100kg.
  • They are deep cherry red in colour and naturally polled.
  • Unlike the Angus or the Hereford animals of the original bloodlines are no smaller than the rest of the breed. 



A range of marketing schemes organized by Lincoln Red Society centred around Lincolnshire. Can be finished off forage in 24- 30 months but also can be finished intensively within 12-14 months. Performance Recording:

  • 200 Day Growth Rate EBV (kg)- 2010- 7(50%)
  • 400 Day Growth Rate EBV (kg)-2010- 17(50%)
  • Muscle Depth EBV (mm) - 2010- 0.1 (50%)

Conservation Grazing

Lincoln Reds are a hardy and thrifty breed. They appear to have fairly non-selective grazing habits so are likely to be a good choice for maintenance grazing any sward. 

Did you know?

Lincoln cattle are mentioned in Gervaise Markham's book, 'A Way to Get Wealth’, published over 300 years ago. 

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