Ancona hen Ancona cock

Key Characteristics

Hens seldom, if ever go broody but birds are inclined to be nervous and ‘flighty’ so they need high fences. 


  • Originally from Ancona region on the east coast of Italy.
  • Imported to the UK from about 1950 onwards.
  • Original imported birds had a range of plumage colours.
  • A succession of British breeders refined this mixture into the black with neat white spots plumage breed.
  • In 1898 when the Ancona Club was formed.
  • The bantams were bred in England by R Tunstall who first exhibited them in 1912.


  • Anconas are a very active light breed.
  • The plumage is glossy greenish-black with neat white tips.
  • Most Anconas have a single comb but there is a rarer rose combed variety.



Depending on the strain, Anconas are good layers, producing around 180 white shelled eggs a year. 

Did you know?

Anconas have distinctive white tips to their feathers. Once they get their first adult plumage the size and number of white spots increases with age, so a bird with too few spots as a young adult might have ideal markings in its second year.

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