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Key Characteristics

This dual-purpose breed is easy to keep. Their placid docile character means that the birds tolerate confinement well but they love to forage. The calm temperament means that the Australorp is a good broody and caring, attentive mother. However many hobbyists today prefer varieties with pretty plumage patterns, which Australorps don’t have.


  • Ancestor birds were Orpingtons, developed in the UK and then transported to Australia.
  • Whilst Orpingtons in the UK were turning into a fluffy exhibition breed, the ’Australian Utility Orpingtons’ were improved to increase egg production.
  • In 1921 some ’Australian Utility Orpingtons’ were imported back to the UK and became the Australorp breed. 


  • Australorps are a dual-purpose breed, good for eggs and meat.
  • There are 3 standard colours, white, blue and the original, black
  • The bantam version is the most common



Depending on the strain hens should produce 200 medium sized light brown eggs in a season.


Australorps make a good table bird with a reputation for maturing early.

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