Sheep Conservation Policy

Watchlist Registered Breeding females
Multiplier 3.33 x (3yr average of female registrations)
Critical <300
Endangered 300-500
Vulnerable 500-900
At Risk 900-1500
Minority 1500-3000
Other >3000
Gene Bank Targets per Breed

25 unrelated males

Target: 100 doses per male, 55 for archive and 30 for conservation

Embryos Monitor technology
DNA (blood, hair or ?) Monitor technology
Agisted Stock As an emergency response in rare cases of genetic importance

Farm Parks

minimum numbers for a viable breeding group

12 females and a male
  • RBST only recognises registered pedigree animals bred and living in the UK.
  • Some semi-feral pure bred populations can be recognised.
  • Semen collected at EU export licenced centres to UK use as standard.
  • Gene Bank semen is stored in long-term archive.
  • Registered coloured or black populations are considered as one breeding population with the white population for the purposes of the Watchlist.
  • RBST acts as the registration authority for 8 sheep breeds and records births in the annual Combined Flock Book.
  • RBST monitors relevant research, particularly developments in sheep reproductive technology.
  • We encourage approved Farm Parks to hold breeding groups.
  • RBST monitors the threat from disease. We work to reduce geographical isolation of breeds. In the event of disease outbreak, RBST will provide support to breeders and attempt to relocate animals away from the threat.

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