Conservation Grazing

Exmoor Ponies GAP
Conservation Grazing is the use of grazing animals to help improve the biodiversity of a site. 

Many of our ecologically important habitats require management to maintain and improve them. Given enough time and no interference, most sites in the UK would eventually turn into deciduous woodland (through something known as Natural Succession). The best way to stop this is by grazing sites with animals.

Due to their typically hardy and thrifty nature, many of our rare and native breeds are the best animals for this job. 



RBST runs the Grazing Animals Project. GAP aims to teach people about the use of animals for conservation grazing. For more information, visit the GAP site

RBST also run a number of training courses on animal management and conservation grazing. 





RBST is a partner of the Coronation Meadows Project, together with Plantlife and The Wildlife Trusts, which aims to celebrate our surviving meadows as well as create new ones. We are working with landowners and managers to put rare and native breeds on the meadows to graze them.

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