Become an RBST Licensee for just £35 + VAT for one year (fee covers one product). 

Operating in conjunction with the RBST Pledge, a new licensing scheme has been launched to help increase the market for rare breed produce of all types. By placing an emphasis on pure-bred registered pedigree animals, RBST sees the scheme as a key strand of its campaign to promote rare-breed produce.

For consumers wanting to support the rare breed cause, labelling has become quite an issue. There is a lot of confusion and it can be difficult to be sure that what you are buying is the product of a 100% registered native animal. The licensing scheme has been introduced to help assure consumers that what they are buying really is what the packaging says it is, and not from a cross-breed animal.

Nicole Lander 

To become part of the scheme, licensees must sign an agreement stating that they know the breed of animal that their product comes from and that both the animal’s parents are registered stock. The licensee must also agree to
adhere to the ‘Five Freedoms’ – free from hunger and thirst, discomfort, pain, injury and disease, able to express normal behaviour and, lastly, free from fear and distress. Wherever possible, licensees should always favour pasture-fed systems.

Licensees must also sign the RBST Pledge, which reinforces the terms of the license. As well as being able to use the RBST Licensee logo on listed products, licensees will be featured on ‘Find Your Nearest’ on the RBST website.

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