RBST East Anglia Support Group ran a Rare Breeds Animal Farm at the Royal Norfolk Show across 26 & 27 June.  

For this year's show, the Rare Breeds Animal Farm had a wide and varied range of animals on display that were selected from the RBST Watchlist. One of the highlights was a Middle White sow and her young litter of piglets, along with a majestic and very large Suffolk gelding.

There was also a team of craftspeople who were showcasing the wool produced from the breeds of sheep that were on display. There were also examples of the fleeces on display, with live demos of the many uses of those fleeces, where visitors could watch or join in and have a go at spinning, weaving and turning wool into yarn.

The rare breeds ring had talks and demonstrations throughout each day which included a demo of the Suffolk horses agility in the slalom and obstacle course, sheep in the ‘sheep beauty parade’, along with talks on goat handling, and the work of RBST.

The group said it was the best year yet, there was a lot of interest and the stand was well attended by the public, they even had a visit from the President, Lady Dannatt who seemed very impressed. 

Some of the animals on display included: 

Pigs: Middle White sow and her litter – provided by Jimmy’s Farm and Wildlife Park

Sheep: Norfolk Horn, Leicester Longwool, Devon Closewool, North Ronaldsay, Shropshire, Whiteface Dartmoor, Boreray, 

Equine: Suffolk 

Cattle: Albion and Belted Galloway with calf at foot

Goats: Bagot and Golden Guernsey, English Goat

Poultry: Norfolk Grey

Thank you to all of our members of the East Anglia Support group and the public who made this event a success.