2 x 2018 Boreray ewe lambs (Unregistered but will be registered soon)


2 x 2017 Boreray ewe hogs. (Marlfield Flossy, Marlfield Poppy)

1 x 2016 Boreray ewe (Marlfield Flo)

1 x 2018 Boreray ram lamb. Lovely chap, unregistered but will be registered soon.

The ewes would make a lovely starter flock, but are not compatible with the ram lamb, they are related.

Happy to sell individually.

Pictures and more details can be found on our website: www.marlfieldfarm.co.uk/for-sale/boreray-sheep.html

Name:  Daniel Procter

Telephone: 07866942969

Email: [email protected]

County: Barnoldswic