These are the only Devon and Cornwall Longwools in Scotland to my knowledge.  Their lambs are easily as beautiful as Valais Blacknose! They are very tame – no need for a sheepdog to move them, a plastic bag will do! They are also known for staying where they are put, regardless of the state of the fences! Crossed with a Blue-faced Leicester, the high-lustre wool is the most valuable on the market. 

I have 6 pure ewes (2017 and 2018, one is aged) including Kersbrook (2) and Tresournes (2)

9 lambs (4 female, 2 tups still young enough to ring, 3 wethers)

2 pure tups: 

Blackthorn Parc Rex (out of a Penfoot ewe and by Tresournes Stardust), 3 yr old, sire of this year’s lambs. 

Homebred 2 yr old Essington Devon, out of an Essington ewe and by Kentisbeare Bilko (unused).

I also have 3 gimmers 75% Longwool, 25% Blue-faced Leicester.

Two 4-year old ewes 50% Longwool 50 % Blue-faced Leicester.  With them are female twins 50% L/w, 25% BFL, 23% Blackie (beautiful accidents!) and a good Texel ‘set-on’ wether.  These can be sold separately, or retained until weaning.

I am looking for £150 each for the purebred ewes and £200 each for tups.  (Lambs negotiable)

Name: Helen Douglas

Phone: 01575 560449 

Email: [email protected]

County: Perthshire