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Golden Guernsey


Demand for goat’s milk products has increased dramatically in recent years due to the popularity of goats milk, cheese and yoghurt. Goat's milk is also suitable for many people who have an intolerance to dairy products made from cow’s milk and there is a documented health benefit from choosing goats milk products. As well as being producers of quality dairy produce, goats also make affectionate and intelligent pets.

The majority of goat breeds in the UK are derived from Swiss goats imported around the turn of the 20th Century. These are the dairy breeds. However, the goat breeds listed by the Trust are native to the UK.

The Golden Guernsey is smaller than the British dairy breeds. It fine boned, and generally quiet and docile. This breed is in many respects the ideal household goat. They have a good yield in relation to their size, which is quite sufficient for most households. Many breeders have two milking goats which they kid in alternate years to ensure a continuous milk supply.

The Bagot is a striking breed with a rich an colourful history. It is medium sized, horned, with long flowing black and white hair. It is not commercial, but is used as a parkland breed and for conservation grazing.