More rarely available rare breed Kerries being sold due to decision to downsize and the advancing age of stockkeeper!

One mature bull, 2 young bulls, 1 and 2 year old bullocks (prime beef), cows and calves, available both from West Sussex and from North Scotland. 

Kerries are light footed, good natured, characterful and alert, good foragers suited to living on less favourable land, perfect for conservation areas, easy calvers to Kerry bull or similar type of bull and will happily outwinter. Kerries are easy to look after, a naturally small cow of dairy build, the  bullocks are of sturdier build, all animals healthy and fit, BVD and TB negative and regularly wormed, make great house cows having been the original Irish dairy cow, equally a very good, milky, maternal suckler cow, bullocks produce beef which has, I think, an amazing taste (my mother would say beef matured on the animal not on the hook) and very good texture (3 times winner at steak nights against Aberdeen Angus, Simmental, Charolais, Limousin and Highland in all three categories, taste, texture and appearance).   Kerry cattle are, in my experience,  much less trouble than sheep (lambing, shearing and health issues) or pigs (escapists)! Versatile, rewarding, charming and also importantly less expensive than almost all other breeds so perfect for starter smallholders or building up herds. 

Name:  Sam Jackson

Telephone: 07876717073

Email: [email protected]

County: Ross-shire