As part of our ongoing Native Equine Project with the Horserace Betting Levy Board  we have been promoting the versatility of the UK's native horses and ponies. Conservation grazing and land management is part of that versatility.
British native equines graze a myriad of habitats the length and breadth of the country. Their resourcefulness, intelligence and adaptability makes them ideal conservation grazers. Equine breeds which evolved in the British climate and have adapted to a variety of British habitats can be used to great effect to conserve, maintain, manage and solve a multitude of conservation conundrums. Utilising native breeds in this way enables the conservation and maintenance of the sites they are grazing but also the conservation and distribution of our rare and native equines. From Dartmoor ponies on the cliffs of Dover, Eriskays in Cumbria, Exmoors in Yorkshire, Fells in the Lake district and Highlands in the Highlands, whether in their native range or miles from home they perform important roles. They maintain condition easily, can withstand the worst of British weather and survive and thrive in various habitats.
As part of our Native Equine Project we are looking to gather data on how our native equines are being used in conservation and land management.
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