Cattle Semen For Sale

Cattle Semen Bank

Cattle semen is available through Genus of Nantwich. The cost per straw is £10 (inc VAT) plus a consignment fee of £5 (inc VAT). There is an annual limit per breeder of 10 straws per person per bull.

Please enclose full payment and membership number with your order which should be posted to Genus Breeding Ltd, Alpha Building, London Road, Nantwich, CW5 7JW. Contact the Customer Service Team on Tel: 0870 162 2000, Fax: 01270 616702 or e-mail:

Please note, there are problems within the industry regarding the transfer of semen between centres. It is important before ordering semen to ensure that your local centre operates in the same network as Genus at Towcester (which is the central store for semen owned by the Trust). Alternatively check that your chosen AI centre has a working transfer system from Towcester in place.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the semen arrives in the best possible state, the RBST regrets that it cannot guarantee the contents of a consignment or the fertility of individual straws.

Any rare breeder wishing to import cattle semen into Northern Ireland from the mainland should contact RBST on 024 7669 6551 or email us at

Cattle semen currently available

Aberdeen Angus

Emperor of Newark

Beef Shorthorn

Pennan Winchester

Stonmour Thunder Cloud


Newbrook Perry

Kemerton Jan Vermeer

Noent Colour Sargent

Hereford (Traditional)

Bodenham Energy

Freeby Laird

Gwasted Fergus

Llandinbo Mackie

Llandinbo Pop

Llandinbo Quirk

Westlake Leo

Westlake Lysander

Irish Moiled

Argory Edward

Aughnakealle Jammy

Glassdrummond Defender 2nd

Neadon Lochlan


Arford Dicon

Audumla Samuel

Ballyconnel Jim Bob

Bemborough Murphy

Castlelough Albert

Oro Andy

Lincoln Red (Original Population)

Donnington Trooper

Market Station Fascination

Walmer Prince

Whitehouse Robin

Northern Dairy Shorthorn

Lords Just Right

Philpott Samson

Rushylea JR

Red Poll

Chalkhill Buzzard

Datchworth Concorde

Knepp Fantastic

Underhills Horatio

Wheatfield Duke Nigel


Galfrid Ashley

Garths Adonis

Hengae Fearsome

Randolph Fergus

St Trinians Mansie

Stanemore Odin

White Park

Dynevor Calibre

Dynevor Rampant

Nemea Albion

Smoile Albert

Smoile Butler

Toddington Adam

Toddington Daniel

Whitebred Shorthorn

Corrie Reiver

Longley Tallisman

Murtholm Parky

Spoutbank Gay Gordon

Torr Comet

Pig Semen Bank

Semen is available by mail order from Deerpark AI Station. Cost £20.00+P&P (three inseminations including catheters) to be sent next day delivery. Please click on your favoured boar for pedigree details.

Please telephone 028 7938 6287 or visit for further details.

Pig semen currently available


Applegarth Nema Able NAE 142

Barlings Lassetter 707 ASY 707

Fairoaks Ambassador 9 CIM 463

Fairoaks Peter Lad 4 CIM 292A

British Lop

Bezurrell Charles 10 TRV 934 HB6906

British Saddleback

Forthill Dictator GJB 377C

Gloucestershire Old Spot

Forthill Rufus 367 GJB/367

Forthill Rufus 456 GJB 456

Large Black

Sorry, there are no pedigrees in this breed.

Large White

Tates Danny 314th MIS/26222

Trepraze Champion Boy 14th CVU/527 R0087242LW

Witherasfield Champion Turk 3rd KAE/1433

Middle White

Solitaire Sovereign YFA 16

Oxford Sandy and Black

Sorry, there are no pedigrees in this breed.


Sorry, there are no pedigrees in this breed.


Birdcombe Emperor WYR 45