Watchlist; Category 3, Vulnerable.

Bagot goats are small to medium in size. Both sexes have large curving horns. They have long hair, with a distinctive colour pattern being black forequarters and white on the rear part of the body. Some have a white blaze.

bagot goat

The breed has no current commercial applications. Its reproductive rate is below average, while it's milking ability, birth rate and viability do not compare with those of the popular breeds. It is a striking parkland breed with the ability to forage in rough scrubland.

One theory for the arrival of the breed in Britain was that in 1380 King Richard II gave the herd to John Bagot. An alternative theory, using DNA profiling, suggests that the breed originated from Portugal and travelled by boat with the John of Gaunt army when they were returning from battle in the Castile region of Portugal.

Sometime after 1387 when Sir John Bagot received his knighthood the goats were used in the family coat of arms. The coat of arms depicts two goats standing either side of a shield and a goat's head on the top.