Large Black

Watchlist; Category 3, Vulnerable.

The Large Black was founded mainly on the native stock of Devon and Cornwall, but it also incorporated the last remaining examples of the Small Black breed from East Anglia.

Large Black

The Breed Society was founded in 1899, and pigs were exported to many countries in the early 20th century, especially those with warmer climates in Europe, Africa, Australasia, the Caribbean and North and South America.

Sows have very good maternal qualities, and the breed is noted for its fecundity. The Guinness Book of Records lists a Large Black belonging to A M Harris of Lapworth, Warwickshire, as having produced the largest number of litters (26) between 1940 and 1952.

The Large Black is a docile lop-eared animal, and its skin pigmentation helps it to resist sunburn, making it ideal for outdoor pig production systems. It is an efficient converter of low quality feed, and produces pork of high quality which finds a ready outlet in specialist markets.

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