Dorset Horn

Watchlist; Category 5, Minority.

dorset horn

The outstanding and unusual characteristic of the Dorset Horn is its ability to breed at almost any time of the year, and this quality was noted as early as the seventeenth century in the sheep of Dorset. Its main centre remains the South-West of England, but it has been exported to many countries.

Ewes are of medium size and are naturally prolific. Traditionally it was a maternal breed, able to produce three crops of lambs in two years with good milk yield to rear fast-growing lambs. Now it has been developed more for carcase quality.

Both sexes are horned. The face and legs are white, and the muzzle is pink unlike most other British breeds. Rams show a bold masculine appearance and also carry good fleshing throughout. The wool is of the highest quality; not only is it fine and dense but is particularly white which helps it find a ready market.

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