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If you are looking for help in finding rare breed livestock, advice on getting started with rare breeds or advice on a breeding programme, take a look at our help and advice section.

Combined Flock Book

The Combined
Flock Book is the
register of breeds
of sheep for which
RBST acts as the
breed society.

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Hertfordshire County Show

Starts: 2015-05-23

The Suffolk Show

Starts: 2015-05-27

The Royal Bath and West...

Starts: 2015-05-27

Staffordshire County Show

Starts: 2015-05-27

Young Shepherd at Countryfest

Starts: 2015-05-30

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Welcome to Rare Breeds Survival Trust

Support RBST 

My father, Joe Henson was among a group of pioneers who realised the importance of the United Kingdoms’ Rare Breeds. He was an instrumental figure in the formation of Rare Breeds Survival Trust.I am therefore a very proud supporter of RBST and of all their work.

Although these breeds are not commercially viable at present, it does not mean they are no longer an important part of our farming heritage and more significantly our farming future. It is impossible to predict the range of problems and challenges the UK may have to face in the future; in terms of food production and outbreaks of disease. To allow us to effectively adapt to change, it is essential that we have a large pool of genetic material at our disposal. For these reasons it is vital that Rare Breeds Survival Trust can continue with their conservation work to ensure that the United Kingdom has a sustainable future in farming. I urge you to support their work in any way you can.