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If you are looking for help in finding rare breed livestock, advice on getting started with rare breeds or advice on a breeding programme, take a look at our help and advice section.

Combined Flock Book

The Combined
Flock Book is the
register of breeds
of sheep for which
RBST acts as the
breed society.

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Conservation Grazing in Practice

Starts: 2014-04-30

Kendal Spring Rare Breed Cattle...

Starts: 2014-05-03

Royal Welsh Spring Festival

Starts: 2014-05-17

Devon County Show

Starts: 2014-05-22

Sherborne Castle Country Fair and...

Starts: 2014-05-26

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Welcome to Rare Breeds Survival Trust

Who We Are 

Rare Breeds Survival Trust is the leading national charity working to conserve and protect the United Kingdom's rare native breeds of farm animals from extinction. We believe in the value of the UK's rich and varied livestock heritage and that this needs to be conserved as a vital genetic resource for future generations and the benefit of agriculture.  


Our Vision 

  • To secure the continued existence and viability of the UK's native farm animal genetic resources, so enabling farmers to meet the challenge of sustainable farming in an era of climate change and increasing cost pressures. 
  • A variety of food and farming products for consumers derived from sustainable livestock production systems.

Our Mission 

  • Promote knowledge and the keeping of registered UK rare breed livestock.
  • Monitor the populations of native breeds and take action where necessary.
  • Support and encourage responsible breeding programmes.
  • Maintain and develop our gene bank of rare native breeds.
  • Support and participate in research.
  • Influence governments to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the issue of genetic diversity and the importance of conservation.
  • Work with governments to minimise the impact of disease outbreaks.