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Latest news

  • RBST: 2021 Registrations Crucial for Rare Breeds’ Survival

    Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) is encouraging smallholders and farmers to ensure timely registration of their rare breed livestock and equines despite the disruption to shows and sales for a second year, to help safeguard the breeds’ futures. Read more

  • Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park becomes first Rare Breeds Approved Associate

    Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park has become the first recipient of Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST)’s new Rare Breeds Approved Associate accreditation, in recognition of the farm’s excellence in education about the importance of Britain’s endangered native livestock and equine breeds and its work to conserve their unique genetic characteristics. Read more

  • Native Breed Sheep Show and Young Handlers event at the Westmorland Show Ground

    On the weekend of 5th July, Cumbria Support Group held a native breed sheep show and young handlers event at the Westmorland Show Ground, as part of the Country Fayre. There was an amazing show of sheep including 23 different breeds, with one class having 33 entries. Across the two days, over 5000 people got to see the sheep and the young handlers really excelled in showing their stock in perfect conditions. Read more

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