21 Portland Sheep - Leicestershire

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Ark Magazine

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Portland sheep - Warwickshire

25th April 2018Read more

Shetland Heifer - Carmarthenshire

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Cleveland Bay lease stock - USA

25th April 2018Read more

Welsh Mountain Pedigree

= Vulnerable (500 to 900)Read more

Boreray Ram for sale - South Oxfordshire

17th April 2018Read more

Trio of British Saddlebacks - Cornwall

4th April 2018Read more

Pedigree Large Black gilts - Cheshire

4th April 2018Read more

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Boreray Gimmer lambs - Co Durham

23rd March 2018Read more

Rare breed Middle White piglets - Essex

21st March 2018Read more

Wanted Bagot goats - Staffordshire

12th March 2018Read more

Shetland Heifers - Aberdeenshire

27th February 2018Read more

Dexter Herd reduction - Herfordshire

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Eriskay Gelding for sale -Aberdeen

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