The RBST Equine Conservation Project began in 2022 thanks to funding from Horserace Betting Levy Board. The aim of the project is to significantly improve RBST’s ability to support both breed societies and individual breeders in the conservation status of our native equine breeds through a three-year, two-part programme. There are two broad parts to the project. The first part is concerned with identifying overarching and breed specific issues and conducting an analysis of differing approaches to breeding and reproductive technologies.  The second part focuses on the uses of the breeds and the opportunities for extending those uses, so raising the profile of the breeds and increasing their numbers.

Through analysing the data gathered from breeders and keepers as part of the project RBST have been able to produce a series of guides relating to some topics that we identified as an area where more information was requested. The aim of these is to provide breeders and keepers with more knowledge of the topic areas and to help them reduce the likelihood of being impacted by these.

If there is a topic that is not covered in the below guides please contact RBST and we will try to provide you with the relevant information: [email protected]

(Guides below for people to download)

A breeder’s guide to equine infectious anemia (EIA).pdf

A breeder’s guide to equine viral arteritis (EVA).pdf

A breeder’s guide to post foaling complications.pdf

A breeders guide to contagious equine metritis (CEM).pdf

A breeders guide to foaling.pdf

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