The Grazing Animals Project is a network of farmers, land managers and conservation organisations that are committed to promoting the benefits of grazing with the natural environment and our cultural heritage in mind.

  • Conservation grazing is livestock grazing that promotes biodiversity. 
  • Many nature reserves are now managed using grazing animals.
  • Due to their typically hardy and thrifty nature, our rare and native breeds are generally considered to be the best animals for this job.
  • Increasingly, the sorts of techniques employed in conservation grazing are being used on in a range of farming systems to create sustainable production with reduced inputs.
  • This benefits not only livestock and habitats, but also human health through the benefits of consuming meat from animals reared on varied pasture diets.

Online Support 

Join the network of fellow conservation grazers and livestock keepers and join the active discussion group “Nibblers” (operates through GoogleGroups):

  • Enables best practice and experience of conservation grazing to be shared over the internet.
  • Topics discussed are wide-ranging
  • Everything from pigs to control bracken to optimal cattle grid design to latest advice on regulations.
  • Over 450 members

If you would like to join Nibblers please email

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