Key Characteristics 

The society wanted the pure blue roan colour to be the breed type but did not understand the genetics and that blue roan is not a colour that breeds ‘true'

True bred ones can be blue-roan, white or mainly black with little white. This is because the breed has a dominant white gene, not often found in cattle breeds, which is definitely ‘true breeding’.


  • Originally from Derbyshire, where they were known as “Bakewell Blues” or “Blue Albions”.
  • Its origins are believed to be from the Welsh Black, a dual purpose breed, crossed with a White Dairy Shorthorn.
  • In recent years the Albion Cattle Society decided to lose the ‘blue’ to better reflect the variety of colours that can be found within the breed.


The Albion is a great dual-purpose breed, with a particular ability to milk well. Quite a few of the current Albion cattle are in beef suckler herds.

Did you know?

During the 1960’s there was a deadly Foot and Mouth outbreak which decimated many Albion herds, along with the importation of other dairy breeds.

Breed Societies

For more information visit The Albion Society