Langley Chase Organic Farm is an organic grassland farm, with a particular passion for producing the highest quality Manx Loaghtan lamb.

We asked Jane Kallaway of Langley Chase Organic Farm to share why the importance of food provenance and animal welfare matters to her, and why customers need to know exactly what they're eating.

"Langley Chase Organic Farm is an organic grassland farm, passionate about producing the highest quality, fully traceable, organic rare breed Manx Loaghtan lamb. I started my flock twenty years ago when there was little food traceability or knowledge on what was being fed to livestock, how they were reared and inevitably what we as consumers, were eating.

The farm, with its ancient meadows, provides a wide variety of grassland species and wildflowers for our flock to graze and protects diverse species of wildlife in their natural habitat, including bats, birds and insects. 

For us it is paramount to rear healthy animals with full traceability through organic standards and sustainably nurture a rare breed, the Manx Loaghtan, with its slow maturing qualities giving a greater depth of flavour and texture. 

Pasture management controls our flock health, as pastures are left fallow and resting, giving clean grazing with our specific meadowland contributing to the flavour of our lamb which has won us over nineteen awards.

The selection process for the butchery is as important as the rearing of them in life. As much care is taken from their birth, health during rearing, through to their slaughter. The sheep go to an organic registered abattoir where they are the first entry in the morning when everything is quiet which is crucial - it means that we treat their end as importantly as in their life.

I love every single minute of what I do in producing my flock, and the peace and tranquillity of the fields.  We wish to communicate what we do to our customers, and the importance of what we hope to achieve."