The publication of the RBST Watchlist follows three months of emailing, chasing, cajoling and chatting – as I contact all the breed societies who do not use a Grassroots database for their breed registrations. Through an arrangement with the Farm Animal Genetic Resources Committee of DEFRA, we collaborate so that the data they collect through Grassroots is shared with us at RBST, and we share ours with them – a system that works well for everyone, and means that Breed Societies aren’t chased twice for the same information. 

It’s a great opportunity to make contact with the many rare and native breeds, and I am so grateful for the good-humour and helpfulness of the Secretaries, and the efficiency of Grassroots Systems Ltd, which makes my job a whole lot easier.  This Watchlist is the most positive one I have produced, and it really does look like many of our breeds are facing a brighter future – a huge tribute to the hard-working breeders producing, promoting and registering their rare and native livestock.  Ruth Dalton, Northern Field Officer

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