Key Characteristics

Their temperament is highly dependent on selection by breeder. Some select for aggressive whilst others choose docile.


  • The white turkey has been present throughout the documented history of the turkey and the mutation of the white colour, or lack of colour, is an ancient one.
  • It is believed to be a sport of other varieties, where the white gene has appeared dominant.
  • The British White, Austrian White, White Holland and, to a lesser degree, the Beltsville Small White have all been bred in the UK in the past.
  • However, today, standard versions of these varieties are exceedingly rare and mainly only the commercially hybridised varieties of these turkeys exist. 


  • The plumage is pure white in both sexes, free from cream and any other off-colours.
  • The eyes are a  dark blue-black. The beak is white to horn coloured , the throat and wattles are pink and the legs and feet a flesh pink. 
  • A mature male weighs up to 12.7kgs (28lbs) and a mature female 9kgs (20lbs).
  • Day old poults are pure white.

Did you know?

Pure white turkeys are documented by the Aztecs.