Key Characteristics

Cochins make great pets. They are docile, lay a reasonable number of eggs and can produce a good sized carcass. Hens make great broodies. Due to their feathered feet, they do need mud-free housing. They can also be quite expensive to rear as they need large amounts of food and time to grow to their large size.


  • Historically, the name Cochin was used for any large bird from East Asia.
  • In 1847 “Shanghaes”, the ancestors of the modern Cochins began to be imported to the UK.
  • British breeders selectively bred these to produce a show bird with stabilised colours and thick plumage. 


  • Cochins are very large fluffy feathered birds
  • They come in a range of colours including black, blue, buff, partridge and white
  • They have feathered feet.


Hens lay a reasonable number of eggs however they are surprisingly small for their size. The birds can produce a good sized carcass but can be slow growing. 

Did you know?

Cochins have particularly fluffy feathers. In the past, these have been used to stuff pillows and feather mattresses.

Breed Societies

Cochin Club