For any breed or population wishing to apply for recognition on the RBST Watchlist there is a series of criteria that must be met and relevant information provided. In general they should be of agricultural interest and have characteristics worthy of preservation. These guidelines detail what the requirements are for acceptance on to the RBST Watchlist.

For recognition by the RBST a breed must be considered to be a native breed. A native breed is defined as:

• Breed history documents the breed origin within the UK (including from amalgamation of native breeds), and the UK has formed the primary environment for the development of the breed or the breed of origin in its current adapted form; and
• Breed history documents its presence in the UK for 40 years or 6 generations (whichever is the longer period). (Where a generation is 10 years for equine, 6 years for cattle, 3 ½ years for Sheep and Goats and 2 years for pigs and poultry)
• Not more than 20% of the genetic contributions come from animals born outside the UK (other than those imported for an approved conservation project) in any generation for the last 40 years or 6 generations (whichever is the longer period of time).

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