Worried about feed prices?  - Too many pigs to feed?

These are very difficult times for pig keepers. The larger scale commercial industry could lose up to a fifth of their herd due to escalating costs of production. Small scale producers and pedigree breeders will not be immune from these pressures.

To try and address some of these problems AHDB in partnership with British Pig Association and Kingsgate Nutrition will host a webinar on 28th June at 7pm

The meeting will stress the danger of feeding kitchen waste and focus on legal alternatives to compound feeds and how best to use them to reduce feed costs.

Expert Independent Nutritionist Faye Murch of Kingsgate Nutrition will explore a range of alternative feeds and feeding strategies that may help to get herds and businesses through this crisis. The meeting will cover feeding to condition, use of alternative feeds, potential sources, legal requirements and also what can go wrong.

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