Are you signed up to the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) animal breeds at risk register?

If you own animals from the UK breeds at risk list and want government to consider sparing them, it is up to you to alert government. You can find the form here animal breeds at risk registration form.

You can tell APHA officials about any at risk breeds if they visit your farm or premises during a disease outbreak, but it is better if you send a completed animal breeds at risk registration form to APHA

During an outbreak of an exotic notifiable animal disease government may need to cull  animals to control disease spread. Certain categories of animal and bird may be spared from culling if this doesn’t interfere with efforts to control the disease.

This list of breeds at risk has been determined from the UK Farm Animal Genetic Resources Committee (slightly different but very similar to the RBST Watchlist). Further information on some of the definitions used in the criteria and frequently asked questions is on the UK Farm Animal Genetic Resources Committee website.

For advice about the service, please contact the APHA here