Last week, RBST visited Exmoor, helping with the roundup of the beautiful Exmoor ponies, which are one of our most valued and endangered equine breeds.
The Trust are currently working on an Exmoor Genomic project, and we hope to have the full results of that soon.
In this video you will see the rounding up of the Anchor Herd of Exmoor ponies, filmed on Friday 15th November 2021, at Vale Hill, where CEO Christopher Price and Director of Finance and Operations Claire McNicol were fortunate enough to observe in person, seen here in the first video. 

In this second video, Kate Green, one of RBST’s newest Trustees talks to Christopher Price CEO about what an amazing experience she had on Friday watching the rounding up of the incredible Exmoor Ponies at Vale Hill for the first time. 

In the final video, Christopher Price spoke with David and Emma Wallace, the owners of the magnificent Anchor Herd of Exmoor ponies that were round up on Friday. Their family have been involved with these ponies for more than three generations and they now have over 100 ponies on the land.