Feed prices through the roof. What’s the alternative? It’s not Kitchen Waste!!!!

There are alternatives to compound feed and this article provides some ideas on what can be fed legally, but let’s be very clear that doesn't include kitchen waste! The risk of African Swine Fever is ever present. In the last month it has jumped from Eastern Europe to Northern Italy and then on down to Rome. This jump is thought to have been via contaminated meats.

So what can you feed? Let’s have a look at a few things that you might be able to get hold of and how to feed them legally. Download the attached document for information about the following alternative feeds: 

Silage or Haylage, Brewers Grains, Green Vegetable Waste, Milk products, Potatoes, Apple Pulp and Bread.

With all of these alternative feeds its very important for follow the rules which are designed to keep our pigs safe and these are also covered in the article.  

At the end of June a webinar will be run with the BPA and AHDB to look at alternative feeds in more detail and also to explore the possibilities of formulating compound feed that is more suitable for traditional breeds. Details will of this will be released soon.

Alternative Feeding for pigs