Unsure what to buy for that person in your life who has everything?
Want to make your Christmas gifting a more wholesome and meaningful experience this year?

If you're struggling to find the perfect Christmas present for a loved one, have you considered getting them a membership gift that keeps on giving the whole year?

When you gift an RBST membership you can help to; reverse the decline in all UK Native Livestock and Equine breeds and support a comprehensive gene bank so future generations are secured.

Upon purchasing, you will receive a gift voucher from RBST to give to your loved one, as well as a new members pack which contains the latest editions of The Ark magazine (this can be delivered to your address or the recipient of the membership). The Ark is brimming with engaging articles, inspiring information, and lavish photography, guaranteed to delight anyone who shares a love of the countryside and of our own native and rare farm animals that are so critical to its future. Access to our conservation experts, and up to date information on breeds, their success stories and campaigns for breeds who need your help!

How to sign up:

There are several ways to purchase a membership as a gift.
1) Email us: [email protected]
2) Call us: 024 76 969551
3) Online : RBST Membership | Rare Breeds Survival Trust (when signing up online, please sign up for yourself with the membership option you decide is appropriate, and then send us the details of the person you wish to gift to…we can do the rest for you)

The voucher is for one year’s membership, commencing 1/1/24 and expires on 31/12/24.

Note: Christmas order deadline Tuesday 12th December. RBST cannot guarantee delivery, but we are posting 13th December to allow plenty of time for items to hopefully be received.


RBST is the charity that exists to conserve and promote our native livestock and equine breeds, whether sheep, cattle, pigs or poultry, as sustainable alternatives to the intensively farmed breeds that have come to dominate our countryside in recent decades.

Our original native breeds are now beginning to be recognised as extraordinary animals which bring incredible benefits to nature, living and working in harmony with our countryside, as well as part of our national identity and heritage – and they represent a unique piece of the earth’s biodiversity. Perfectly adapted to our landscapes, thriving in a variety of environments, they can help restore degraded soil, improve our biodiversity, provide public benefits and provide commercial opportunities including meat, eggs, wools and skins. We have inherited a rich variety of livestock breeds and their loss would impoverish agriculture and diminish the human spirit.  We must work together, for the sake of future generations, to safeguard these treasures.

Genetic resistance is increasingly important for the control of animal diseases, today and in the future.  Saving our native breeds can help us to face as yet unknown challenges in the form of disease resistance and susceptibility, climate adaptation, food security and resilience.

Growing global population and improvements in standards of living mean that there is a rapidly increasing demand for animal protein, with intensified animal production.  This places increased risks and pressures on our natural resources, not least land and water.  It is our task to protect our food and farming systems by maintaining secure alternative livestock genetic resources.

There is still much to understand regarding nutrition, reproduction, disease resistance and susceptibility.  Breed diversity will help research into these areas for both livestock and humans.

Act today, to secure the future!