Melsop Farm Park was given the green light to re-open after a long-running licensing issue forced it's closure in June 2023. The family-run farm park, located near Watton in Norfolk, was given the go-ahead by Breckland District Council and it's gates were reopened to visitors on 3rd February. 

Speaking about the reopening, park co-owner Jordan Stone said he was delighted to finally be able to reopen. He said: “We are incredibly lucky to still be here and I want to thank every single person who has supported us whilst we have been closed. We have been overwhelmed by the support from the local community, which kept us going over what have been really difficult months.

“It was wonderful to have people back, and be able to display our collection of rare breeds and small animals. It is what we do best and we need people’s support now, more than ever, to help us rebuild. There are times I have questioned if reopening day would come. The seemingly insurmountable difficulty of getting a new licence has threatened the survival of our business, the welfare of our animals and left our staff without work. I want to put this behind us but I remain baffled as to why the Council could not have done more to support a valuable local tourist attraction.

“But that is behind us now, and we have exciting plans for 2024 to welcome back our visitors and make up for the lost time.”

Melsop Farm Park’s collection of rare and native breeds includes Albion cattle, Bagot and Golden Guernsey goats, Tamworth and Middle White pigs, and rare sheep breeds including the Greyface Dartmoor, North Ronaldsay and Norfolk Horn.

Photograph - Middle White Pig by APJ