On Wednesday 1st July 2020 the Prince of Wales visited Cotswold Farm Park to show his support for all RBST accredited farm parks.

The Prince of Wales, as Patron of RBST, was keen to visit one of our Approved Farm Parks so he could see first-hand what a vital role they have in  conserving and promoting some of the UK’s rarest livestock.  

RBST launched their Farm Park Project and appointed a dedicated Farm Park Officer at the start of 2020 after receiving a grant from the Princes Countryside Fund with the objective to raise the awareness of these vital public attractions.  

The visit gained attention from press all across the UK and as far away as Russia.

The Farmers Weekly stated how Prince Charles was keen to highlight the important work of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) in crucial conservation breeding programmes when he visited the park on Wednesday (1 July), and he encouraged visitors to return to farm parks when they reopen.

The Evening Standard quoted The Prince as saying “It’s a real uphill struggle to get people to understand how valuable they are." when he was talking about the rare and native breeds of farm livestock in the UK.

RBST CEO Christopher Price said:

It was great day, all of the 21 RBST-accredited farm parks look after some of our rarest native breeds and are vital to ensuring their survival for the future.

The coming few months are going to be very difficult for farm parks as they make plans to reopen safely, we can all support them by visiting as soon as we can.

 I am grateful to His Royal Highness for all his support for the survival of rare breed livestock and equines, and I thank Cotswold Farm Park for hosting the visit today.

With Cotswold Farm Park classified as one of the 21 RBST accredited farm parks, which look after some of the UK's most rare and critically endangered breeds of farm animals, Adam Henson said: "It was a great honour to welcome The Prince of Wales to the farm park before we re-open on the 4th July"

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