RBST provided data and commentary to the JNCC for its 6th National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity. Whilst the contribution has been taken on board, it does present a depressing picture. 

“The Joint Nature Conservation Committee’s report on the UK’S compliance with global biodiversity targets highlights that we are failing to prevent the decline in our native livestock breeds.  This makes clear the need for government to invest in their conservation through future agricultural policies.  As well as being a fundamental part of our country’s biodiversity, native breeds provide a major contribution to our rural economy and our national identity”. So said RBST CEO Christopher Price in response to the JNCC’S Report.

The Report notes the UK is making progress towards the Aichi Target 13, which is concerned with genetic diversity, but at an insufficient rate. It states: 

“Despite significant progress implementing strategies for the conservation of genetic resources…progress is assessed as insufficient in recognition of published declines in the effective population size of some native animal breeds”

RBST are working with Government and encouraging them to redouble their efforts by drawing up a specific native livestock conservation strategy for the UK. This will help maintain the genetic diversity of farmed animals and provide a basis for future strategies.


Read the full report on the JNCC website