See Shropshire Hills’ historic Kerry Hill sheep at Telford’s St George’s Day Event


Don’t miss the chance to get up close to the historic and distinctive Kerry Hill sheep at the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) and Foundation for Common Land stand at the ‘Spring into St George’s Day’ event on 23rd April 2023 at Telford Town Park.


Rare Breeds Survival Trust Chief Executive Christopher Price said: “Kerry Hill sheep have long been an iconic sight in the Shropshire Hills, but became rare as farming changed and the breed was added to our Watchlist for rare livestock breeds. Thankfully their numbers recovered in the 2000s and it is fantastic to see the Kerry Hill breed now thriving again, across Shropshire and further afield. Their faces are really distinctive and charming, people really take to them and we can’t wait to show the Kerry Hills to everyone at the Spring into St George’s Day event.”


Traditionally Kerry Hills have been reared for meat and wool but they have a docile temperament and can be also raised as pets. The sheep always have striking markings, giving them a distinctive black and white face.


Conservation experts from RBST and the Foundation for Common Land will be on hand alongside the Kerry Hills at the event to explain more about the animals and what makes them different from other breeds of sheep, and to discuss how their natural behaviour supports the ecology, local economy and communities as part of the commoning system on the Shropshire Hills.


RBST Chief Executive Christopher Price added: “As they have been bred for this landscape, Kerry Hill sheep are really well suited to the Shropshire Hills and are able to thrive while also supporting the delicate ecosystem of this beautiful and important landscape. The sheep graze this land through commoning, an ancient practice which is still crucial today as we look to address challenges such as biodiversity loss, economic sustainability, food quality and security, flood management and climate change.”


Sam Caraway, Project Manager at The Foundation for Common Land, said: “Commoning is a unique part of our heritage, a way of managing the land that’s older than the Magna Carta and is still at the heart of some of our most cherished landscapes. Take the Common to Town is a great opportunity to learn more about it and to meet some of the special breeds of animals that make it possible.”


As well as being able to meet Kerry Hill sheep, visitors to the RBST and Foundation for the Common Land stall will be able to watch a rug being made on a traditional peg loom. This event is part of a yearlong series made possible thanks to a grant from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, Take the Common to Town.


The Kerry Hill sheep can be seen at the RBST and Foundation for Common Land stall throughout the Spring into St George’s Day event which takes place from 11am to 4pm on Sunday 23rd April 2023 at Telford Town Park.


Wednesday 19th April 2023