The Eriskay Pony Society has been gifted a stallion, Cnwc Ainsley, by his breeder, Jo Evans, for him to be used for the good of the breed.

Society Chairman Steve McMinn says: “Ainsley is a fantastic stallion. He was working in 2023, having been matched via SPARKS with appropriate mares, and he is shortly to be moving on to his next group of girlfriends.

“The Society is very grateful to Jo for this generous gift, and we will be making sure that he is available to as many mares as possible. I would encourage all who have mares to check with the Registrar to see what stallion matches are available and to consider breeding from their mare next year. The number of foals born each year is still very low and, although we do as much as we can to increase these numbers, we do need owners to seriously consider if they can help.”