Key Characteristics

The Oxford Sandy and Black can cope with most conditions and is well suited to an outdoor system being a natural forager and browser. It is generally prolific and the breed is known for having good maternal instincts. Animals are known for their excellent temperament and great mothering abilities.

  • The Oxford Sandy and Black is an attractive breed with striking pale sandy to rust colouring with black patches, pale feet and lop ears.
  • They should have a long snout with slightly dished face.
  • The breed is medium to large sized. 


  • The Oxford sandy and Black pig has existed for around 300 years being one of the oldest British pig breeds.
  • It is believed that the breed originated and early development took place in the Oxfordshire region at least two centuries ago.
  • The Oxford Sandy and Black have twice reached the possibility of extinction within it history.
  • However, with the help of dedicated breeders the breed was managed to be kept safe but still with relatively low numbers.
  • In the 1940s the number of registered boars each year was as low as one per year.
  • The first herd book consisted of 29 herds which had 15 boars and 62 sows between them.


Produces meat of very high quality and flavour (the meat is not susceptible to the pigs markings). It finishes quicker than many traditional breeds, and they are less inclined to run to fat. They are a multi-purpose breed which produces succulent pork, high quality bacon and ham.

Did you know?

This breed is commonly referred to the “Plum Pudding Pig", after its appearance or the "Oxford Forest Pig”, after its origin. 

Breed Societies

For more information visit British Pig Association