Details for the 2024 RBST Young Shepherds Competition are now available.



Competitors will have the opportunity to qualify for the Grand Final at qualifying shows held across the country, a list of eligible shows is below. The winner/s of the Junior Handling Classes will be eligible to take part in the RBST Young Shepherd Competition 2024.  If the Class winner has already qualified the next highest placed eligible competitor not previously qualified can go forward. 

Each qualifier will be presented with a qualifier pack which will contain an entry from, this needs to be returned to RBST by the 31st October 2024. Once received further details of the final will be provided.

The Grand Final for the 2024 RBST Young Shepherd competition will take place at the English Winter Fair, Stafford Showground on Saturday 16th November, further details will be provided in each qualifier pack. The Junior Young Shepherd of the Year will win the Outlane Trophy and the Senior Young Shepherd of the Year will win the Harrison Challenge Trophy.  The winners from each class will then compete for the overall Young Shepherd of the Year.  The winner of the Junior and Senior category will receive £50 and the Championship Rosette, the Junior and Senior Reserve will receive £25 and Reserve Champion Rosette.



  • RBST qualifying age categories (the age of the child on the day of qualifying)
    • Junior Young Shepherd 8 – 12 years
    • Senior Young Shepherd 13 – 16 years
  • It is the handler that qualifies regardless of what sheep they have, all we will request is that they have a native breed for the final, which if needs be can be provided for them.




Nottingham County Show 11/05/2024
Devon County Show 16/05/2024-18/05/2024
Welsh Spring Smallholders 18/05/24-19/05/24
Hertfordshire County Show 25/05/2024-26/05/2024
Suffolk County Show 29/05/2024-30/05/2024
Staffordshire County Show 29/05/2024-30/05/2024
Royal Bath & West Show 30/05/2024-01/06/2024
Countryfest  01/06/2024-04206/2024
Royal Cornwall 06/06/2024-08/06/2024
South of England Show 07/06/2024-09/06/2024
Royal Three Counties 14/06/2024-16/06/2024
Cheshire County Show 18/06/2024-19/06/2024
Royal Norfolk Show 26/06/2024-27/06/2024
Kent County Show 07/07/2023-09/07/2023
Great Yorkshire Show (MV) 09/07/2024-12/07/2024
Great Yorkshire Show (Non MV) 09/07/2024-12/07/2024
Royal Lancashire Show 19/07/2024-21/07/2024
New Forest and Hampshire 30/07/2024-01/08/2024
Garstang Show 03/08/2024
Anglesey Show 13/08/2024-14/08/2024
Aylsham Show 26/08/2024
Dorset Show 07/09/2024-08/09/2024
Westmorland Show 11/09/2024-12/09/2024
Newbury Show  21/09/2024-22/09/2024
Scottish Smallholders 19/10/2024
Grand Final- English Winter Fair Final 16th November 2024

For more information please contact Tom Blunt, RBST Senior Conservation Adviser