Key Characteristics

The ‘modern’ Rosecomb is the product of the exhibition fancy, a stunningly individual and it is ideal for those who have limited space.


  • Earliest documents on the breed date back to 1483 when a John Buckton, who owned the Angel Inn in Grantham, raised black Rosecomb bantams.
  • As he inherited the birds from his father they must have been in existence at the Angel Inn for several decades prior to this year.


  • There are 6 standardised colours – black (the most popular), white, blue, black/red, columbian and birchen.

  • There are many non-standard colours such as cuckoo, pile, buff, splash and mottled that are kept in the UK.

  • If the birds are allowed outside the ear lobes turn off-white.


They are not kept for their egg yield, but this can average 120 small cream coloured eggs per year, with very few eggs being laid during the winter period.

Did you know?

The Rosecomb is a member of a group known as ‘true bantams’ which means they have no large-fowl counterpart.

Breed Societies

Rare Poultry Society