Key Characteristics

It is a lively and active bird with attractive colours, and the standard reflects the importance of the colouration.  Of the large duck breeds, it is one of the most useful, and well worth considering as a first breed.


  • The Silver Appleyard was produced by Reginald Appleyard from selective cross breeding. 
  • First standardised in 1982, it was intended as a dual purpose bird, a prolific egg-layer and a good-sized table bird with a deep and wide meaty breast. 
    Tom Bartlett developed a miniature version in the late 1980s. 


  • The breed is classed as heavy, the weight range for the drake being 3.6 – 4.1kg, with the duck at 3.2-3.6kg.
  • The general impression is of a lighter version of the basic mallard pattern. 
  • Carriage is slightly erect, with the back showing a gentle slope from shoulder to tail. 
  • The bill is yellow with a greenish tint in males. 


Silver Appleyard ducks are prolific layers, and are a good-sized table bird with a deep and wide meaty breast.

Did you know?

Reginald Appleyard, who created the breed, is also known for creating the Ixworth hen. 

Breed Societies

For more information visit the British Waterfowl Association.