Key Characteristics 

A maternal hill breed, the Pedigree Welsh is economical & hardy, they thrive in extreme environments.
A completely white fleece, Legs and face are to be white with a black muzzle and hooves.
They have a broad forehead & muzzle and are of moderate length and height.
Rams are horned – a lighter horn is more desirable.  Whilst females are polled.   
Ewes typically weigh between 45kgs – 55kgs with rams hitting the scale at 75kgs – 90kgs.
Ewes are milky and when crossed with a terminal/lowland sire she can rear twin lambs with ease to double her body weight.
The lambs tend to be thrifty with determination to get up and suckle within the first few minutes of life.
Unlike a lot of other Welsh Mountain breeds the Pedigree Welsh Mountain’s wool contains little/no kemp; due to its fine quality it makes it ideal for weavers and spinners.


  • One of the oldest Welsh Breed societies founded in 1904.
  • The breed was developed in the 13th century due to the need for white wool for the textiles trade.
  • The breed was mainly found in the South & West regions of Wales before becoming one of the main breeds within Wales due to it’s good quality

  •  wool, hardiness & the docile nature of The Pedigree Welsh.



  • The Pedigree Welsh Mountain tends to be more prolific than other Welsh breeds and will regularly achieve a 200% scanning rate although anything between 160% - 180% is more common.
  • The majority of flocks will lamb from early March through until the end of April although some flocks lamb earlier to fit in with their farming system.
  • The Pedigree Welsh Mountain produces a high quality, excellent tasting sweet flavoured meat that is usually left to grow & finish naturally.
  • If cross breeding the female lambs are ideal to be kept back as replacements to use in a commercial system due to inheriting their mothers characteristic’s.

Breed Societies

For more information visit the Welsh Mountain Sheep Society 

Pictures courtesy of Ruth Rees.