When we look at the number of a particular breed we focus on the animals that are registered with the relevant breed society. This is evidence that the animal is what it is meant to be.For cattle, sheep, equines, pigs and goats the majority of animals are able to be registered with the appropriate breed society, there are variations in what each breed society register.

Purchasing new animals

When purchasing new animals it is very important to ensure that the animal is either registered or eligible for registration, most breed societies offer the ability to birth notify the animal, this enables the stock to be registered. Proof of registration can usually be provided by seeing a pedigree certificate or taking the animals details and contacting the breed society. If you purchase an animal without seeing evidence you may then find that the animal is not eligible for registration.

Benefits of registering 

There are a number of benefits to registering livestock, this provides evidence that the animal is what it is meant to be. Registering also gives the benefit of knowing the animals breeding, this is very important when selecting animals for breeding to ensure that in-breeding does not occur and the genetics remain varied.