Conservation with a commercial purpose

Dennis Harding looks to make the most of the nutritional values of the turkey outside of the Christmas period. Read more

Riding High

An extract from the Autumn 2018 Ark, as we talk to Claire Kilburn about finding her perfect equine partner, Ernie. Read more

Masterchefs to Charcutiers

When the two former Masterchef contenders came to gather to collaborate in a start-up business charcuterie business, their first priority was getting the breed right. Read more

Building a business from fleece to fibre

Despite having no farm of her own – indeed no farming background – RBST member Katie Allen has not only found a way to bring rare breed sheep into her life, she has developed a whole new skill set to enable her to create Loopy Ewes, a business based on their fleece. Read more

A three-way route to meat sales

Keith Siddorn is well-known in breeding circles for his expertise with Traditional Herefords. Although he has no interest in raising beef cattle, he recognised that meat sales could provide a valuable income stream for his farm and with the help of a finisher and a butcher, he has found a way to achieve this without keeping bullocks on the farm. Read more

Born to Work

The Eriskay Pony was bred to work. Read more

Building on tradition at Trevaskis

The British Lop sausage that took top honours in the pork category of #GoNative with a British banger came from a family that has been farming in the same parish in Cornwall for over 400 years and can trace its association with the breed back to at least 1860. Not surprisingly, the sausage recipe is a closely guarded secret of the Eustice family. Read more

Combined Flock Book

Combined Flock Book Read more