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RBST Consultancy

RBST Consultancy Service With almost half a century’s experience of studying native livestock and equines, their behaviour and their impact on the natural environment, RBSTs expertise in the use and management of native breeds is second to none. Read more

The Butchers Perspective

Macbeth’s Butchers of Forres is a family-run business specialising in traditional native breeds, much of it from the family’s own Edinvale Farm in upland Moray. The business was founded in the mid-1970s by Michael and Susan Gibson, who bought Macbeth’s Butchers in the 1980s to directly market the beef from the farm. In 2015, son Jock and his wife Fiona took over the farm and Jock also manages Macbeth’s. Read more

The Lost Flock

Jane Cooper established her breeding flock of Borerays with sheep gathered from three tiny flocks in the Highlands. In 2017, she discovered that this meant she was custodian of the last remnants of the ‘Lost Flock’ of Boreray sheep which represented a genetically unique sub-group of the breed. Read more

A new focus

Orkney Boreray has given Norman and Hazel Shearer of Airy Farm, Stronsay, a new focus for their farming activities. Read more