The big country. Ideal for native breeds

In advance of RBST Scotland's conference "Back to the future" on 31 March, Martin Beard celebrates Scotland's native livestock and equines Read more

Watchlist Review

RBST is reviewing the methodology for compiling the Watchlist to ensure its fit for purpose. Read more

Rare Breed Briefing -Using pigs in conservation grazing

Andrea Parry-Jones discusses the importance of native pigs in conservation grazing and land management. Read more

Rare Breed Briefing – Abattoirs

In the light of the Government's announcement that abattoirs can be supported under the Agriculture Bill, our latest Rare Breed Briefing explains the challenges our local abattoirs face and how we all have a part to play in putting things right. Read more

Rare Breed Briefing - ELM and the conservation of native livestock and equines

Christopher Price explains how the Government's new Environmental Land Management scheme (ELM) can be use to conserve our native livestock and equines. Read more

Rare Breed Briefing – Conservation Grazing

Christopher Price explains why the Agriculture Bill needs to encourage the use of native breeds in conservation grazing. Read more